This is the most exciting part for me, remember that I am a dreamer and sometimes I need to keep my my feet on the ground to continue little by little. With a firm step like we say in Peru. 
Here I will be placing bit by bit all future projects, I will try to explain them in a simple way. The best way to begin is with my big dream, the one that takes away all your other dreams and gives you the will to live a bit more everyday.



Yanapay is a quechua Word that means “to help”

The Yanapay Village is a place, a dream, where all forms of life could live in harmony, The only one philosophy will be love and from this love will come the understanding that is possible to live inspired by communion, respect and tolerance between human being and other species.

The Yanapay Village will produce its own food, clothes and goods in general as much as posible. In this way we will learn that is possible to live without consumerism.

Thus, the making of this project and its operation in the real world will be an inspiration for the communities and town of our area, which we will give technical support to.

An orphanage, a school, a hostal, a clinic and a magic garden. Everything in a same world, on the same  wonderful planet called earth.


Will shelter children without a home, giving them what their body, mind and soul need. Teaching them that is possible to live peacefully and with stability and most importantly that when you attain this on your own it is possible to then teach others.


In our school we will welcome not only our children, but every child who lives in surrounding areas, for free.

We will teach all the classes that the government mandates. But, we will also teach other topics of life for example, art in all its forms , natural medicine, and everything that helps to create link between humans and nature.

The only one ideology will be love, we will teach all religions, so every person can make a decision for themselves.



A place for all those who want to experience living, and living together, in a different way: the way of the Yanapay Village.

Prices are reasonable, and different options are available (money must not limit the joy!). This is one of the economic principles the project is based upon. The visitors interact with the children, assist in the classes and workshops, and take part in many other activities offered at the Aldea Village: agriculture and farming, tailoring, etc.

“There are lessons that no school nor university in the world can provide you with; "your teachers do not always look like you or speak your language.”


Within our means, the hospital will be a place that offers medical care for those who live in Aldea Yanapay and those surrounding them; we will work with local, national and international volunteers.


Within the Yanapay Village, there will be a place that gives free rein to imagination and creativity. Trees talk among themselves and house fantastic creatures in their branches; magic wells, open spaces and waterfalls will provide places for meditation. Here will also be the stables for those creatures that generously provide us with food and clothes, and our vegetable gardens, which will be thriving under the very magic of the place and the hands of our children. Of course, there will also be space for other activities, such as, for example, playing games (remember the pleasure of those simple activities!)





   with love