MONEY DONATIONWe are a self sustainable organization but we know donations are a good way to give and receive help.

For money donations, you can make a national or international transfer through a Western Union branch or Money gram o you can make a deposit in one of our bank accounts :
DIRECCION : Avenida el Sol 366
tranferencia interbancaria N° de cuenta :  011-200-000200632130-37
trasnferencia cuenta oficina N° de cuenta :  0011-0200-0200632130-37
transferencia interbancaria N°de cuenta :  011-200-000200632149-37
transferencia cuenta oficina N°de cuenta : 0011-0200-0200632130-37
For donations of other types: clothes, art materials, school supplies, books etc.,
you can call us on 0051-84-235870 or  make your way to our office in
Calle Fierro 534 or to the restaurant Yanapày on Calle Ruinas 415 Cusco.
I believe this is the most sensible way of making sure that a 
donation has a positive and real effect, in this list we will place the things
that are needed in the project, this way we can go about updating it little by little.
There is a scale from 1 to 5 , if the item is 1 it means we already have this,
 if it is a a 3 , it means we have some but are about to run out, 
and so on, if the item is a 5 it means we do not have it.
This way, maybe you can always donate only what we have the most need for.
School supplies:

coloured art paper (5)

a3 & a4  printer paper (3)

coloured and white card paper (5)

cardboard (5)

butcher paper (5)

square ruled paper A4 sized (5)

square ruled paper A3 sized (5)

notebooks (2)

whiteboard markers (4)

whiteboard dusters/erasers (3)

felt-tip pens (2)

coloured pencils (2)

pencils (1)

crayons (1)

pens (1)

art paint (any type) (4)

erasers (4)

pencil sharperners (4)

rulers (4)

scissors (5)

text books , story books, encyclopedias, atlas , comics; for children 4 to 8 years old (5)

board games for the school and for the Police project (5)

There are never any limits on this, we are always in need of food goods at Yanapay.

So I will place them all in category 5

blocks of drinking chocolate

 cleaning products and toiletries:

toothpaste (4) 

soap (5)

hand and face cream (4)

toothbrushes (3)

shampoo (5)

laundry detergent (4)

bathroom disinfectant (5)

bleach (4)

bathroom odor and air freshener spray (3)

towels (4)

brooms (3)

other (things we don´t have and need):

3 CD stereo players for the Yanapay schools

 1 computer for the Yanapay schools

 1 multifunction printer (copy machine) with colour printing for Yanapay school

  1 work tables for the school 

  1 dvd player for the Police project (alternative project)

 1 mesa de fulbito para las escuelas (pinki)

renovations or repairs (visit the school and speak to yuri, or get a quote) 
- repair of bathroom in school number 2  (urgente)
- repair of floors school  1 and 2
- reinforcing of stairs of school (gracias bob de suiza )

A favor from Volunteers

The Aldea Yanapay Restaurant is currently in need of five (5) Hookah /Chicha /Shisha water pipes so that patrons can smoke flavored tabacco whilst socialising in the cafe. If these water pipes, the flavored tabacco or the charcoal pieces are relatively inexpensive in your home country, we would be very appreciative if you could bring a pipe, tabacco or charcoal with you when you come to volunteer at Aldea Yanapay. If you can send us a photo of the type and design of the pipe, we can wire you the money or reimburse you when you arrive in Cusco.

With love

 The Donation from the Ultimate Travel Company
The Ultimate Travel Company, a renowned Tour Operator from UK, has donate US$5,000 to this amazing project that is directed to kids, young people and Adults that want to learn about; world cultures, languages, acting, local and traditional dances, computer studies, world religions and how to manage social development projects.
 “Centro Cultural Aldea Yanapay” is being created thanks to Aldea Yanapay NGO members, its director Yuri Valencia and to the donation made by Nick van Gruisen on behalf of The Ultimate Travel Company that helps in good part to finance this initiative.