For me, the meaning of the phrases “third-world” or “underdeveloped society” is not based solely around an economic problem like so many politicians think. The way I see it, what my country needs is not just relief from material hunger, but rather a compensation and over-compensation of the hunger that some people have forgotten about because it is free and invisible.

It’s called
Values, Principles, Love.

I believe in this banquet; from me, this is what our society needs. What can you do with well-fed children with nice clothes, if behind all of that they have marks on their skin from abuse, if in their heart there is a rock from lack of motivation, from a lack of love? This, unfortunately, is part of the idiosyncrasy of our people. Hurting a child physically, morally, mentally, and spiritually is something normal in a part of our society, in part of a growing subculture.

And it seems that, these days, for many people, the concept of progress and evolution is measured by the amount of money that a family or country has.

What about evolution as human beings, capable of loving themselves and loving others?

I believe in the idea that an ideology is not formed overnight; it’s something very important in the life of any institution and any person as well. Here are a few ideas that this project is based on:

 We are all equal before the eyes of the gods, be they whatever god or gods that each individual, social group, or nation chooses to believe in.

  • The problem that many countries have is not just economical; it’s more than numbers. We're talking about educational, moral, and spiritual problems. The Yanapay Village, without putting material things off to the side, will dedicate itself to alleviating these problems, having to accept that a lot of our work will show results only in the long term.
  • The Yanapay Village will fight to maintain what is salvageable from the cultures and the past of our people, taking into account the globalization that is an integrated part of the world today, trying to find a balance between the past and the present.
  • The Yanapay Village helps and supports any project or institution that provides something constructive to society or the planet.
  • When you meet someone:

    • Try to understand them
    • If you don't understand them, accept them
    • If you don’t understand or accept them, just respect them In extreme cases, act intelligently

  • The Yanapay Village rejects any violent actions used to fulfill an egotistical and selfish objective. We also commit ourselves to peaceful and tolerant communication on all levels.
  • We believe in the instinct of conservation: Of the individual, the family, and the community, and we think that having the intelligence and ability to protect other species on this planet is something beautiful.
  • All of this can be summed up in that the fundamental philosophy of the Yanapay Village is love, and that from this magnificent and uncontrollable feeling, tolerance, respect for what’s different, and the desire to make the world a better place every day, are born

With love