The Story Behind it All


My name is Yuri, I’m Peruvian by birth, a citizen of the world and it is my great pleasure to be able to connect with you today.
I spent a large part of my life looking for its meaning. Questions that have existed for thousands of years tormented and at the same time excited my soul and mind.

I had several teachers: those that people talk about and those that people don’t, those that are of our species and those that aren’t.

Even though time was passing, and I was simply growing in body, spirit, and mind, I couldn't shut myself off from the reality of a world full of different levels of poverty. And it was even harder because I could see the degradation of the human being in my own society, for varied and complicated reasons, that I won’t go into now. That is how this great search started for:

“The meaning of life”...

After years of experimenting and not finding that celestial voice that would give me all the answers One day I had to stop and look at myself in a mirror with no reflection. I realized that in this whole process of my search for the meaning of life, without results, I hadn’t realized a few things:

I hadn't discovered why we, humans, had been chosen among all of the species to receive the gift of intelligence. But I did know that it wasn’t so that we could mistreat and exterminate a large majority of other species, and, what’s more, keep on doing it even today.

I hadn't discovered why we were here.

But I did know that it wasn’t to offend, mistreat, and kill each other, just because there are differences of race, sex, religion, culture, and others differences that we are still inventing today.

That is how, my friend, I invented a meaning for my life based on what I knew and felt wasn't right. Every human being should live their life with passion, start their own revolution, and not just be part of a machine that has already been designed and built (creation encourages personal evolution).

This personal revolution requires three things, in perfect relation to each other:

  • The idea
  • The inspiration
  • The tools

whatever your motivation or your idea, fight for your own revolution.

The Story Behind it All

For years I dreamed and then I decided to do something. Work in education: but not just any type of education. One with love, that would have as its basic principle that:

“The most beautiful thing about teaching is the being able to give opportunities.”

My great dream; to build an eco-village, an orphanage (you’ll see that soon), but since that required a lot of money I decided to start with smaller things.

With the idea that it was better to change things from inside the system, I decided to learn about the way the world works and is run, studying business administration, marketing, and, since I had decided to start out in the area where I live, Cusco, I also studied everything that has to do with tourism.

After a time spent studying as well as working to earn money so I could start my great revolution, my great dream, the one that only I believed in (this tends to happen, at least at the beginning), after 6 years of working in various areas, I was ready. I started all the legal processes (thanks to Kati Elvira for the support)

And so after a little while, I was a legal entity.

The “Non-profit civil organization Aldea Yanapay” was born.

t started out with a small alternative school in 2004 (You can find out more by clicking on the icon)

The next year we already had more than 160 children that came every afternoon to receive education and we had to move to a bigger place. Around the middle of 2005, I started a volunteer program, with our first webpage (Thanks to Jared from Australia and Rodrigo, the wide-awake dreamer)

And that's how I started to receive beautiful human beings that started to help me, and I also had to learn about how sad it is to say goodbye (you can click the “friends” icon)

Well, at the end of 2005, the money that I had saved was running out, so I started to make artwork and cards to sell in order to make money to maintain the school (thanks Nomade bar, Witches´Garden)

That lasted a few months until we created the Yanapay House (click on the icon) where, if they want, volunteers can stay, paying for their room and board. Now the Yanapay school is being maintained with that money.

At the beginning of 2006, in my incessant need to grow, I decided to create the:

Yanapay Village Restaurant and Cafe (click on the icon), which will fund my next project
“The Yanapay cultural center”

The objective is, until I can make my dream of an orphanage a reality, each year I will create a project. One year, a business venture, working the whole year to stabilize it and so it can meet its goals, so that the next year the business can fund a social project (self-sustaining economy – click on icon)

Well, my story ends here, for now, since, luckily this great Web page program that my brother Rodrigo operates means that I can add more and more information according to the time and strength that I have.

With love