The Aldea Yanapay Restaurant and Café  

Located at 415 Ruinas street, second floor, this is a beautiful place where, for a moment, the decorations take you back to your childhood days. This is part of the economic self-sustainability concept (go to icon)


  1. Be a place for the constant exposition and sale of the Village’s products.
  2. Attract people interested in the project and in other cultural projects
  3. Attract volunteers for the “Yanapay School”
  4. Attract volunteers to live at the “Yanapay House”
  5. Be a place for that promotes cultural exchange and viability for projects like the Village
  6. Be an example of a fair economic system, rejecting selfish capitalism. For example:
      • fair wages for those that work in the cafe, according to the law
      • Quality service
      • Acceptance and compliance with the requirements of tax, labor, and health laws
      • loyal competition with others
      • receive profits that allow for salaries for people who perform strategic and necessary functions in the Yanapay village (psychologist, accountant, director), as well as the construction of new schools and other projects.


It is important that you understand that for the economic support of the project, we will give special preference to being self-sustainable, clearly, but we always accept any donation or external support.


For reservations, group bookings, menus or other information about the restaurant please email us at .